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Hello, I am Aaron aka Amlwaycooljr. I will most likely be the person posting the news. I am sorry it took so long for me to get on here to update wiiSTYLE. If you have any tips, complaints, suggestions, or think I’m just slacking off you can always email me at If emailing is to outdated for you to use you can also contact me with Aim (amlwaycooljr), Yahoo (amlwaycooljr), and Msn ( Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy my news and updates.


New Pages….

As most of you know this blog was sold, as part of the promise to bring you the latest, best content we have started to add pages.

One page will have all the basic info and pics of the Nintendo Wii, the other will list all of the announced games for the Nintendo Wii.

The “All About the “Wii”” page is still being worked on, but the “Wii Games” page has a good start start, has basic info on 20 some off games and links to more detailed info.

Welcome to wiiSTYLE!

Hello, and welcome to wiiSTYLE, the place to be for all things Wii. We hope you enjoy our website, and we will have many updates for you, to come in the near future.

The Editor