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wiiFEATURE: How to photoshop the Wii!

Hello, and welcome to wiiFEATURE. Today we’ll be discussing how to Photoshop your Wii Pictures like you’ve always wanted. You’ve seen other peoples’;

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Now you can create them yourselves, with wiiSTYLEs “Photoshop the Wii” Tutorial. All you need is Photoshop, the intarweb and this image which comes free with this article.

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Before we start you may want to resize the mage in Photoshop so that the width is 750px. We want to to be kind to our 800x600ians. So Let’s start, shall we?

Step 1:


First off, open Photoshop, and make a new canvas preferably after the picture is copied, because then you get the correct image size. Then depending whether you want to or not, resize the image by going into Image > Image Size and tick all 3 boxes in the bottom left hand corner. Then at the very top you’ll see the pixel measurements. Change the width or height as you wish and the other will change to keep the correct scale . Preferably change to 750px width.

Step 2


Then you choose the image that you want to put on your Wii, I chose a Super Smash Bros. Wallpaper, and paste it into the picture.

Step 3


Using the Rectangle Marquee Tool,select a bit on the left side of your Wallpaper image, as shown in the picture. Left click it and a menu will appear. Click Layer via Cut, which will make a new layer which contains the image in. Now look in the Layers Menu, and next to the layer you just created, on the left hand side, should be an eye. Click it to make that part of the wallpaper disappear and be out of the way for the next bit.

Step 4


Now with the part of the wallpaper you are left with, match up one of the corners, to one of the corners of the side of the Wii, as shown in the picture. I have matched the top right corner of the wallpaper to the far top right corner of the side of the Wii.

Step 5


Now, this is the match up bit. Go to Edit > Transform > Skew and match up all the corners of the image to the corners on the side of the Wii as best as you can. It may take a bit of time, but it’s worth it.

It should look something like this;


Now you’ve done the first part. Not too hard was it?

Step 6


Now make the bit of the wallpaper you cut earlier visible again and match it up to the corner of the front of the Wii as shown in the picture. Then go to Edit > Transform > Skew again, and do the same thing as before except match the corners up to the front part of the Wii. It should look something like this;


Now you’ve done the second part. Again, not too dificult was it?

Step 7


Now, just go to the Layers Panel again, and near the top left hand side they’ll be an opacity bar. Choose the layers and change the wallpaper image on the side of the Wii to 50% or below and the bit on the front of the Wii to maybe 40% or below. This gives it a lighting effect aswell as being able to see the buttons.

Step 8


Then, select the layer with the Wii picture and use the Magic Wand tool to select the blue glow, as shown in the picture. The select the top layer, which should be the one with the small bit of wallpaper, and hit delete. You may need to change the tolerance, and you may also want to select the Wii Logo and the green power light and delete them on the top layer too.

Step 9


Now, as shown in the image, use the Polygonal Lasoo Tool, and delete the bit of the image where the indent is on the Wii. Hurray! We’ve finished the Wii, but there’s still the controller to go.

Step 10


Now, you must find an image to use for your controller. I am going to be using the SSBM Logo. Paste it into the canvas when you’ve found it. Next go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CCW which should leave you with something that looks like this;


Now, go to Edit > Transform > Skew and match up the image to the corners of the controller like you did with the Wallpaper. Don’t worry about the scale just yet, just make sure you’ve matched it up to the corners as accurate as possible. When you’ve done that click the chain at the very top, before you click the tick, which automatically scales the image.


You should have something like this;


Now just change the opacity levels on that last image and you’re done.
Here’s my finished product;



I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions then please drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Good luck with your Wii Making.

The Editor


wiiFEATURE: Wii Sports Collaboration

Well, today has been very slow on Wii News, so I thought; “Why not do a wiiFEATURE?” I’ve decided to do a Collaboration of all things Wii Sports. Don’t ask me why? Well, if you insist, it’s because I love the game. I won’t go into details, so here it is…

Wii Tennis

Wii Tennis is a Tennis game which utilises the WiiMote. That’s what I’d be saying if I was writing for any other games site. The thing is I’m not, so, let me start again… Wii Tennis is a game, not just any old game, infact, it’s officially the “first” game for the Wii, if you know what I mean. So, this game has a lot to live up to, especially with all the hype Nintendo are giving this one game, compared to the rest of the games in the Wii Sports series.

So, you have 2 people on your team, except they’re like voodoo dolls without a body… and legs… and a head… basically a voodoo doll which is only arms; because that’s all you have control over. They can run anywhere, and they usually run in the direction most beneficial to you, whilst all you have to do, is time their swing, and play a “perfect” shot to try and win the game of tennis. Pretty simple.

We’d been told that scoring in the game would just be first to 3 points, but we’ve seen differently, in one video montage. You can read about that here. From the 2 different ways of scoring we’ve seen, simple and proper tennis scoring, we’re hoping that there will be different modes which would add more depth to the game so… fingers crossed!

My Opinion
I think this game is going to be awesome, really awesome. I’ve always liked Tennis as a physical sport, despite being utterly terrible at it. Now that I can play with the comfort of knowing I won’t be made fun of for losing(to the computer), leaves me very satisfied. My only disappointment with the game would be that you don’t have control of where your player moves to. I would have been much happier if you had to use the analogue stick on the nun-chuk to move your player, but I guess I can’t have everything.

Wii Golf

Golf is not one of the most popular sports, but it looks like it could be one of the most popular for Wii. But, is it me, or did Nintendo put this in Wii Sports for the, how to put it? Older people? It would certainly fit in with their “philosophy”, but I reckon this will be the most popular with the older generation whether Nintendo put it in for them or not.

So, you take on the role of you Mii, in a game which could decide who buys the beer this time. Albatross, Eagle, Birdie… What, no I’m not just pointlessly listing birds, and “birdie” isn’t a type of bird anyway. These are all terms for how many shots it took you to get the ball in the hole, which brings us to the whole point of the game. Whoever gets it in all the holes with the lowest number wins. Each hole has a par, which is the recommended number of shots you should be putting the ball into the hole by. See, only an “older” person could remember all this, jeez!

One of my favourite factors of the game is the practice swing. It’s a little extra I know, but it adds a whole new depth to the game. You could stand there practising your swing all day until you finally think it’s perfect, but then when you come to hit the ball, you’d probably muck it up anyway.

My Opinion
This game is definitely a must have for any golf fans, and even if you aren’t a golf fan, you will be getting this anyway, unless you are in Japan, but I doubt you’re reading this if you are. Man I’m confusing myself, and I’m not even talking about Golf anymore.

Wii Baseball

The old baseball. The US of A only sport, really speaking, has made it onto the Wii Sports list. All you baseball fans were probably happy when you first heard about it, I know I was. That is, until I saw the footage.

Hitting a ball 10 times “out of the park” is not really my idea of baseball, it should be called “Wii get your dad to take you to the green and play baseball with you for around 10 minutes”. Well, that’s at least what I think it should be called. Though I have actually read reports on people enjoying the game, so who knows, maybe I’m wrong. You also get to pitch the ball in this game, but again throwing a ball 10 times is still not my idea of baseball.

What I do like about the game though, is the fact that the bat follows your movements with the WiiMote exactly. That makes for 2 minutes more fun after the game, just making the bat swing round and round, trying to hit the ball in the weirdest way possible. This is definitely last on my list to play, out of the Wii Sports series.

My Opinion
Well, if hadn’t already guessed, I’m really not feeling his game. I like baseball and all, but this game really isn’t baseball, at least in my eyes it’s not. Even the 2 player mode doesn’t appeal to me.

Wii Bowling


So they decided to add the arcadey type of sport, named bowling. I guess it was added to encourage teens to play it. Nintendo probably wants them to be saying “Hey, let’s go bowling!” “Why go bowling? When you can do Wii Bowling!” And that’s just what people will do. Wii Bowling feels like bowling. It’s so real that it’s unreal, from a believing point of view.

Wii (Look, I made a pun) all know what bowling is and what it consists of. Pick up ball, swing arm, release ball. Actually it’s much more then that, when playing at a high level, it includes spins and being able to hit a 7/10 Split. You wouldn’t expect Wii Bowling to be as in depth as bowling, but it really is. It really is a bonus that they added the game to the Wii Sports series.

I like the whole feel of this game alot, and there is not just one thing I could pick out which stands out from the rest of the features. It really is all good. Bowling in the comfort of your home, what could be better? Well actually owning a Wii for starters, but let’s not get into that.

My Opinion
Again, a really awesome looking game, and it’s free! Well that’s what they want you to believe, but it does come with the console, whether you think it’s free or not. I think this game could turn a few heads Wii’s way, but because of the late announcement it hasn’t had much time to “go around” as such. Word of mouth, best and fastest form of advertising.

Wii Boxing


And so, we come to the last of our games in the Wii Sports Series. The one which everyone thinks will be good, but only because it involves violence. So this game is therefore for the violent people, put in there to grab their attention of the potential of actually hitting someone with the WiiMote.

This is the only game, out of Wii Sports, to actually need the nun-chuk attachment. This is because the nun-chuk is used as one hand and the WiiMote is used as the other. Doing different things causes you to block and punch in different ways. For example, lifting the WiiMote and nun-chuk up at the same time, makes the player block. There are different combinations to this game which make it less like boxing then you’d actually believe. It’s all pretty simple in the end.

The thing I like about this game is that there is more depth then you actually would expect from Nintendo. Being able to move to the side to avoid punches, being able to blocks and different types of punches, makes for an all round good experience.

My Opinion
This game looks alright, not high on my expectation list, but still good enough for me to want to try it out. What I don’t like, is how confusing it actually looks and the characters reactions to being hit are just not… how to put it? Mature enough. You’d think this game would try to shake off Nintendo’s kiddy image, but this is the only game which actually reminds me of it so far.


So, that is the end of the feature, I hope you enjoyed it. I would like your comments about Wii Sports and about what you thought of the feature as a whole, so I can make improvements on my next one. Hope you enjoyed!

The Editor