Wii’re Gamers

Hello all,

As you know we are nearing the end of our count down for the null in the US, and I invite you all to join us at Wii’re Gamers in this count down.

In preparation to the release of the null we at Eternal Gaming & Wii’re Gamers are pumping up our efforts to get all the info we can up about the null and null Games. Wii’re Gamers currently has one of the most comprehensive List of games on the Internet.

With all that said why don’t you head on over to Wii’re Gamers right now by clicking here.


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  1. nintendo_13 on

    Isnt this just pointless advetising ….
    ….VISIT MY SITE !!

  2. wiistyle on

    Nope, its not like that at all thank you, its called, I am pointing out a site that has content and is fully open and working while I build a new install of word press at the soon to be new location for this blog, so that we have more power over how the content looks and works.

    I am doing this to provide users with a valuable source while also working on this project, if you don’t like that I am sorry.

  3. amlwaycooljr on

    Every thing may not look to well right now. But trust me Everything will work out for the better. I will not let the blog die, Promise. This blog will actually become a rather important part of Wii’re Gamers a site A friend and I have been working on for a while.

    If you take a look at the news on Wii’re Gamers I am doing a rather good job with the news and we have already have hired several staff members. This blog will become the home of Rumors and the opinions of thus mentioned staff members.

    We also will redesign wiiSTYLE to take a more appealing look and better match Wii’re Gamers. It will not end up being a sub site that no one will update. We currently have a link set up on Wii’re Gamers named blog. That link will eventually point to wiiSTYLE.

    By the way we are still hiring so if any of you big Wii fans want to help us out just email us. Mine is amlwaycooljr@eternalgaming.com

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