Hello, I am Aaron aka Amlwaycooljr. I will most likely be the person posting the news. I am sorry it took so long for me to get on here to update wiiSTYLE. If you have any tips, complaints, suggestions, or think I’m just slacking off you can always email me at amlwaycooljr@eternalgaming.com. If emailing is to outdated for you to use you can also contact me with Aim (amlwaycooljr), Yahoo (amlwaycooljr), and Msn (amlwaycooljr@yahoo.com). Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy my news and updates.


3 comments so far

  1. Rob on

    Welcome to the blog nice to meet you.

  2. sickr on

    Excellent, lets hope you can provide us with some interesting and insightful news regarding Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii console. I’m intrigued if this new venture of yours can work out 🙂


  3. mouseecstasy on

    Hey there. Keep the news coming 🙂

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