wiiSTYLE is up for SALE [Update] [SOLD]

Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert Town Jr., I am owner and head editor at Eternal Gaming, and I am now the proud owner of this blog. Before any of you get scared, I will be keeping this blog open and updated.

There will be changes as time goes and this site will be put under the Eternal™ Brand of gaming websites, which will mean the added experience and workforce of the Eternal Gaming Team.

We will also be revamping the design and hopefully making everything a better experience for everyone.

Anyway I look forward to working with and having fun with the members of this community. Things will be changing for the better, you have not been abandoned.

Thank you,
Robert aka Godboko


10 comments so far

  1. seanthebond on

    This is depressing, the site will be missed. We over at GoNext liked to check it out on a regular basis for news.

    :The GoNext Team

  2. jip100 on

    dont worry http://www.wiireplay.co.nr will allways be avaible 4 u!

  3. nintendonews on

    But wiiREPLAY is rubbish. Not a patch on wiiSTYLE or GoNEXT.

  4. nintendo_13 on

    Well done for trying !

  5. Wormy on

    What do you mean you don’t have the money? It’s free!

    Put in the T&C’s that they have to link to Pri7yu 😉

  6. sickr on

    We all know the definitive Nintendo blog is Sickr.

    It’s a shame you’re throwing in the towel Carlitos, best of luck on your next venture.


  7. Kerri on

    i’ll give you a cent for it

  8. The Mysterious Shadow on

    Nice little post you have their Sickr. ;D

    Shame about the site Carlitos, I take it that the eMag you asked me to write articles for is off then?

  9. monarchist on


    We are interested in your writing services if you are still wanting to write for a Nintendo Wii Blog. Check us out:



  10. wiistyle on

    This site is not dead, We have great plans for the users of this blog don’t worry. The Mysterious Shadow if Carlitos does not want your services I may be interested email me at rtown@eternalgaming.com

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