Fox is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Well, I can’t say I’m exactly pleased by this, because I always knew that he would be in it. I want to hear of some new characters in it. Here’s the scannie;


Well, woo for you Fox fans. But what about us Roy fans. Come on Roy!


5 comments so far

  1. me on

    fox is the bomb!
    i am feelin that fighting style

  2. Nick on

    star fox… star fox. i hope they don’t mess up fox’s gangsta skills.

  3. Black Ace on

    Fox is like the best smash bros character ever And i hope they didnt get rid of up B fire fox

  4. Moose let it loose on

    Fox is hellllla tite they had better kept him in the ssb brawl game i kick everybodies ass with him

  5. Blaze on

    Fox is, like, totally awsome as hell!!! I wonder if Krystal is actually in it too. that is so awsome the way Fox looks!!!

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