A Summary of the New Twilight Princess Trailer

Our last story was about the new Twilight Princess Story, which was shown in Australia. Now someone at Vooks Forums, claims to have seen the footage and has written up what he saw. No-one can confirm if what he is telling is truth or lie, but it is news nevertheless.


Starts out with some Twilight Creatures in some sort of dark castle (Hyrule Castle?)
Goes to Cowboy Link, Epona, Colin and a couple of unidentified people. One has a sword. Epona’s loaded up with wood for some reason or another. Colin goes with the man with the sword over a rope bridge, while Link (in his cowboy outfit) smiles at him.

Next up is the transformation sequence. Cowboy Link is walking through a path, when suddenly it turns into the Twilight Realm. He transforms into a Wolf, and is dragged away. We see Midna, and next wee some gameplay of Wolf Link and Midna attacking some Twilight Creatures. There’s more gameplay, nothing particularily new but a town scene is shown with about 20 people in it, very impressive. Also, Link canoes down a rushing river, now in his classic outfit.

Few quick cuts of cutscenes, showing (among others) PRINCESS ZELDA! Zelda is casting some sort of elaborate spell, very pretty effects.

The trailer ends with Link pulling out the Master Sword and holding it up. The sword is quite a bit longer than any other game.

It seems as if there is not much new in the trailer, except for the last part. Still, I cannot wait to see it.

Link to the thread


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