A New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trailer – Debuts at Nintendo World Tour 2006

Nintendo are going to be showing a new SSBB trailer at the Nintendo World Tour 2006. November 3rd is the first tourdate, s it’s assumed that that will be when the trailer is first shown. There is also supposed to be an unveiling of a new character, just to get your speculation juices flowing. If had t make a bet on any non-nintendo character, I would of course say Sonic.

I am ecstatic. To finally know that there is a new SSBB trailer on the way. The sequel to one of the best games, in my opinion, so of course I have every right to be ecstatic.



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  1. An Interesting Point on

    The New Super Smash Bros Trailer Will NOT Show New Characters

    From Wired News Writer, Chris Kohlers Blog http://blog.wired.com/games/2006/10/super_smash_bro.html
    Here’s where it’s coming from — designer Masahiro Sakurai’s official Smash blog, which says (in the Japanese):新キャラたち…

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