3rd Party Nun-Chuk – Looks Awesome – Has a D-Pad???

This is th absolute sleekness that I was hoping the black Wii to have. Oh my god, does it appeal to me in everyway possible… Except the fact it has a D-Pad???


Still looks so nice. If it’s cheaper then the official nun-chuk, then I might buy it. A white Wii controller with black nun-chuk. Heaven.

Thanking GoNext for finding this.


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  1. Bretty on

    Shall be interesting, it could make some games easier to play but also some harder.

  2. seanthebond on

    Thanks for giving my colleagues and I some credit for finding the device. We will make sure not to forget this in the future.

    :The GoNext Team

  3. blindelf on

    Whats up with the ON/OFF switch? Does this nunchuk have its own
    batteries maybe and operate without being tethered to the remote?
    If not, then any ideas as to what that switch does?

  4. Wes on

    the on/off switch is most definately for the rumble feature.

    it was recently discovered that nintendo had been holding this info back, and that the nuncuck does indeed have a rumble.

  5. Nintendo_fanboy on

    The on/off switch is probably for the rumble feature but i don’t see a cord that would go to the wiimote so its most likly WIRELESS. otherwize it wouldn’t have the strap to secure it to your hand so you don’t accidentally throw it across the room. And that would be awesome if they made a wireless nunchuk.

  6. An Interesting Point on

    Nerf Material WiiMote

       I was browsing around Amazon a couple of days ago and I forgot to post my findings. I searched for “Wii” into the search form to see if I could possibly pre-order the Wii.
       I came across the usual, the actual system, cables, games….

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