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Wii Boxart Template – Front and Back

Well, well, well, look what I found;


Looks pretty good, except someone disgustingly cut out the wii header wrong. You can see the pixelated bits. I will be coming back with a none pixelated one just for you wiiSTYLE fans, but for now, you’ll need to stick with that.

Told you I would update it with a none pixelated header. Just for you wiiSTYLE fans!

Would like to thank Phil for finding this!


3rd Party Nun-Chuk – Looks Awesome – Has a D-Pad???

This is th absolute sleekness that I was hoping the black Wii to have. Oh my god, does it appeal to me in everyway possible… Except the fact it has a D-Pad???


Still looks so nice. If it’s cheaper then the official nun-chuk, then I might buy it. A white Wii controller with black nun-chuk. Heaven.

Thanking GoNext for finding this.

General Wii Information – All New

Taken from GoNintendo, who took it from NeoGAF;

General Wii stuff

– CNN has signed up with Nintendo as the provider of news content on tne News Channel in American and Japan. News will be presented by category, but another way of getting to it is by spinning the weather globe to find stories in different countries

– Sega has moved a significant number of development staff from PS3 to Wii over the Summer

– Although Nintendo has removed DVD movie playback from the Wii, it plans to launch in Japan next year an enhanced Wii capable of such a feature

– Nintendo intended to bring Wii to shop shelves in the UK and US for £150 and $200, but became influenced by pressure from the larger retail chains, which raised concerns over margins and low so-called ‘basket value’ (ie, the amount of revenue generated from a customer’s overall purchases at the till)

– There are plenty of Wii Channel slots remaining to be filled

– Edge says that Wii Sports will be to Wii what Mario 64 was to the N64. Says golf has the best single player mode (no surprise) and boxing is their favourite overall

Now I really can’t wait for Wii Sports., especially since they liked the golf, and that’s the one I’m looking forward to playing most. The possibility of a new enhanced Wii doesn’t get me excited though. Infact it makes me feel rather anoyed just like te DS Lite did. I won’t bore you with details of why, but most of this is great news.