512mb Internal Memory can be used for Wii Game Saves

In the new IGN Weekly, Matt Casamassina states that you’ll be able to use the 512mb for Wii games saves and even shows us his whilst going through the interface. Wooo!


The Data Management screen for the Wii.


2170??? Woah!! Wll anyone ever need to buy an SD Memory Card? And that’s after his 5 game saves!

Great news for me. Means I don’t have to shell out any cash for an SD card. Wooo again!

Link Here


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  1. An Interesting Point on

    Using the Wii’s Internal Memory as a Memory Card

    IGN’s Matt Casamassina has reported that you can use the Wii’s internal memory as your own little memory card. Don’t think that this’ll get you out of the problem of still buying a stupid NINTENDO licensed card.
    Matt also we…

  2. Jaymoon on

    Wow, congrats, you can save 10 whole dollars!


  3. Infamous on

    they need to go back and work on the interface, reminds me so much of the horrible days with a ps2

  4. dogma666 on


  5. dogma666 on


  6. kobe on

    i do i view my high scores on wii sports and big family games, everytime i choose a new game or get out of it it deletes my scores and i have to star over again.

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