Twilight Princess Information *SPOILERS*

The new ONM out in the UK has revealed some interesting facts about Twilight Princess. Bear in mind they are spoilers so beware.

Link, transformed into wolf, can climb on high walls
You must use button A in order to jump of branch in branch in the wood of Ordon, in the shape of Link-Wolf
Twilight World seizes the life of the alive creatures and transforms them into another thing
The people absorptive in Twilight World are actually still present in their place of origin but we do not see them
In order to see them, it will be necessary to use the directions of Link-Wolf for thus revealing them, and also to find objects secret.
Link-wolf can travel in Twilight World AND the real world.
This capacity will be resolved only at the time of a special search
Midna cannot live in the real world, but you can call upon his spirit so that this one helps you in the real world.
The part where Link-Wolf is controlled was not opened with the press. Nintendo wants to still maintain a secrecy concerning this part of the play
Until now, nobody apart from the employees from Nintendo could play only one second in Twilight World


Woo! ONM must be considered highly. Getting all these exclusives. Well done to them then.

From GoNintendo


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