Japans Wii Kiosk – Sleek and Shiny

Kotaku have posted up the first pictures of the Japanese Wii kiosk. Rather then bore you to deathe waiting for them, I’ll just post them up straight away…Too late.






I feel sorry for them. Not being able to play. Only being able to look. Forever wondering how it plays.

From Kotaku


5 comments so far

  1. noob on


  2. Nick on

    must… get… wii… and…. wii play.

  3. Andrew on

    It’s like staring at the website for tten minutes. It’s as interactive as watching paint dry. It’s too bad they couldn’t “wire” the controller or something. Or maybe it has to do with the hand-flailing motion that would incure when doing so.

    Maybe all those items there are made out of wood… just like that PS3 they sent to a journalist 😀

  4. Andrew on

    ^^ “they” I mean Sony, not Nintendo ^^

    *I pushed the submit comment too soon without checking my grammar.. sorry*

  5. vkilla on

    Japan gets all the cool stuf first , im sort of glad its only a display lol

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