Wii Show UK Dates

Woo! UK dates. Only problem is, none of them are near me, except Luton Airport, which there is no point going to because it’s there 3 days before Wii. I might aswell just wait.

10th – 12th November
Toys 4 Big Boys, Dublin
Good Food Show, London

15th November
Birmingham University
Glasgow University

16th – 18th November
Bluewater Shopping Center, Kent
Bunchanan Galleries, Glasgow
Bullring, Birmingham
Churchhill Square, Brighton

22nd – 26th November
Good Food Show, Birmingham NEC

23rd – 25th November
Lakeside, Essex

24th – 25th November
UK Golf Show, Birmingham NEC

29th November
Sheffield University
Bristol University

30th November – 2nd December
Meadowhall, Sheffield
Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
The Oracle, Reading

1st – 6th December
Clothes Show Live 2006, Birmingham NEC

4th – 10th December
Luton Airport
Gatwick Airport

6th December
Manchester University
UCD, DublinUniversity

7th – 9th December
Arndale Centre, Manchester

7th – 10th December
Liffey Valley, Dublin


11th – 17th December
Gatwick South
Stanstead Airport

13th December
Trinity College Dublin

14th – 17th December
The Mall Arndale, Luton

18th – 24th December
Centre MK, Milton Keynes

22nd – 24th December
Irn Bru Carnival, Glasgow SECC

This was taken from the new Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK.

Special Thanks to stgs06 from ONM Forums.

And to Wii UK where I found te update from.


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  1. Simon on

    I can’t believe they’re not going to Manchester sooner than 2 day before launch! Manchester is 2/3 biggest city in the country, with the second biggest student population (behind London). Are they mad? A massive 5 events in B.ham pre launch and only 1 in Manchester. There’s even two in Shefield, which isn’t nearly as large as Manchester.

    Alright, I’m just bitter, as I’m not going to get to play with the wii pre-launch 😦

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