Australian VC Prices confirmed!

When the Wii comes out over in Australia, they’ll have a few games waiting for them. But how will they purchase these games without knowing the prices? Didn’t you read the title, that’s what I’m here tell you…Jeez!

N64 games = $15.00/1000 Wii points
SNES games = $12.00/800 Wii points
NES games = $7.50/500 Wii points
2000 Wii point card = $30.00

Actually these prices are quite good. They’re paying $4 AUD more than US yes, but they’re also paying $4 AUD less than England, for the Wii Points card that is. Yes this has been officially confirmed by Nintendo of Australia.


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  1. Valo on

    Thats sucks for us 😦

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