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Zoo Digital – 4 New Wii Games

Zoo Digital seem to have just lodged all their time up with 4 new Wii games. None of them appear to be exactly stunning, but who knows, we’ve heards every game is fun for the Wii. That includes you SpongeBob…

Chicken Shoot + Egg Catcher – DS/Wii – 04 May 07
Toot & Puddle (Call of the North) – GBA/DS/Wii – Q3 07
Sea Monsters (Nat Geo) – DS/PS2/Wii – Q4 07
Balls of Fury – DS/Wii – TBC

Chicken Shoot and Egg Catcher? Hmmm, I wonder what that could involve… maybe some cows?


Wii Channel/Browser Shots

We haven’t seen many shots of the Wii “OS” as such. But now we have that chance, and I’ve got to say, they look awesome. Sleek and clean. What more could you ask for… best get on with the pictures then;







There are far more here. Looking stunning!

3D Design of Best Buy Wii Section

Well. this is the first I’ve seen of this. Looks pretty good, and wouldn’t mind seeing one in my local GAME. That’s right I’m in England! Muahahaha! I really have no idea why that’s relevant but still, the picture must go on… the page that is.


Look at the Wii Countdown clock. I like the whole blue and white colour scheme, that’s going on. Very…icy?

Legend Of Zelda E3 Demo – Including boss at the end!

Ifyou watched Nintendo’s E3 Conference then you’ll remember when they showed TP and howthey rushed through it. Well here’s a 6 minute long version, but this time it includes the boss. I have to say this game is looking amazing. I’m stunned!

Does the lava boss remind anyone else of Lord of the Rings?

Smooth Moves Date Change?

According to GoNintendo, if you visit the date is still 01/15/2007 but when you visit the press room. The release date is stated as 01/17/2007. Whether this is a a mistake or not, no one really knows, because it is most likely just a typo. So I doubt there’s any need to worry too much.


This games looking “crack-a-lackin'” as Marty from Madagascar would say. What’s that? I don’t care if you don’t like the movie. Don’t judge me!