Wii Tennis – New Scoring System?

I was watching a video on GameVideos the other day, it’s a Wii Sports Montage, and naturally Wii Tennis was first on display, but I noticed something very strange.


I’m pretty sure that Wii Tennis scoring, was just first to 3 points, but this video showed the score as “30 – 15”. Maybe there is an option to play with the real Tennis scoring system, in which case, does that mean advantages are used? For Tennis fans, this could be considered as great news, which it is for me.

The video link is here

Woo, for us Tennis fans!


3 comments so far

  1. TheBritishGuy1 on

    Woo!! Tennis fans!!!

  2. dpcough on

    More realistic, maybe more complicated YAH!

  3. […] We’d been told that scoring in the game would just be first to 3 points, but we’ve seen differently, in one video montage. You can read about that here. From the 2 different ways of scoring we’ve seen, simple and proper tennis scoring, we’re hoping that there will be different modes which would add more depth to the game so… fingers crossed! […]

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