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wiiMINI: Will Wii change the future?

Hello, and welcome to the first wiiSTYLE mini! wiiMINIs are mini editorials written by the staff. Today I will be talking about the future of gaming. With the release date so close it makes you wonder whether Nintendo can actually pull this off. At least most people seem to think so.


Where to begin? Well let’s start off with the present. The Wii, what new features does it have that no other consoles have or will have “officially” with their new console?

The WiiMote, a new kind of controller. The controller is different in so many ways. It is completely different from all the other mainstream controllers aesthetically. Compared with your normal joypad, the Wii controller is more of a remote, hence the name WiiMote. It also has the capability to use different add-ons, the most used, being the nun-chuk. The Nun-Chuk is comparable to the left part of a normal joypad, and is used in much the same way, but it does have a difference. Contained within the little piece of tech is an accelerometer which is a for of motion sensing at quite a basic level.


The WiiMote has already influenced one company, In2Games, to develop a motion sensing “baton” for the PC and potentially other consoles. So, it seems, so far that Wii has already changed gaming to some extent, with definately at least the PC using the same kind of technology as the Wii. Will the future be the same? I personally believe that the answer is Yes, with Wii already influencing gaming at this present day, I think that it will not stop with the Wii.

The Editor


Wii Tennis – New Scoring System?

I was watching a video on GameVideos the other day, it’s a Wii Sports Montage, and naturally Wii Tennis was first on display, but I noticed something very strange.


I’m pretty sure that Wii Tennis scoring, was just first to 3 points, but this video showed the score as “30 – 15”. Maybe there is an option to play with the real Tennis scoring system, in which case, does that mean advantages are used? For Tennis fans, this could be considered as great news, which it is for me.

The video link is here

Woo, for us Tennis fans!