“Wii-Like” controller for PC and Next-Gen?

Oh no. No wonder Nintendo did’t release the details of there controller, until after they had shown their console. It looks like Next Gen and PC’s will be getting their own “Wii-Like” Controllers. Maybe back in the good old days, we could of court-martialed these copies, but it looks like ‘Fusion’ is here to stay.

Fusion is just the codename for it though, so it may change, but In2Games have decided to develop this wireless, motion sensing controller for the PC and other Next-Gen consoles. The “thing” consists of a controller type baton, essentially, what the Wii-Mote is, and a sensor box, which we guess will be placed on top of your TV. It also works for any USB compatible machine, which couldmean exclusives which couldn’t be made for other consoles, because of he unique controlling system, may eventually see a port over to the other consoles and PC. Such a shame, though luckily, for us Wii fans, it won’t be released till sometime next year, most likely the end.



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