European Wii Play Boxart

We’ve seen the Euro Wii Sports Boxart, now meet the Euro Wii Play Boxart. That’s right, the Boxart has been released and man is it ugly. To us it seems unorganised and cluttered, unlike the Wii Sports Boxart, which was neat and tidy.


What a mess!

We sincerely hope that it is fake. We are not too sure though, but let’s just pray on it!


4 comments so far

  1. John McBride on

    Well, it’s quite cluttered, but the game quailty will be top notch so who cares about the boxart?

  2. Jamesy on

    It’ll Atract Little Kiddies ;’]

  3. Says on

    its a bit… rubish

  4. rachel on

    i called to cover my butt, but no answer

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