Consumers Line Up At The World’s Greatest Toy Store To Be Among the First To Buy New Wii Video Game System – the Hottest Item of the Holiday Season

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Wii’re Gamers

Hello all,

As you know we are nearing the end of our count down for the null in the US, and I invite you all to join us at Wii’re Gamers in this count down.

In preparation to the release of the null we at Eternal Gaming & Wii’re Gamers are pumping up our efforts to get all the info we can up about the null and null Games. Wii’re Gamers currently has one of the most comprehensive List of games on the Internet.

With all that said why don’t you head on over to Wii’re Gamers right now by clicking here.


Hello, I am Aaron aka Amlwaycooljr. I will most likely be the person posting the news. I am sorry it took so long for me to get on here to update wiiSTYLE. If you have any tips, complaints, suggestions, or think I’m just slacking off you can always email me at If emailing is to outdated for you to use you can also contact me with Aim (amlwaycooljr), Yahoo (amlwaycooljr), and Msn ( Thank you very much. I hope you will enjoy my news and updates.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess trailers

Below is 2 trailers for the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” for the Nintendo Wii.

A Player Will open in a new window, select the trailer you want to view from the left hand side.



New Pages….

As most of you know this blog was sold, as part of the promise to bring you the latest, best content we have started to add pages.

One page will have all the basic info and pics of the Nintendo Wii, the other will list all of the announced games for the Nintendo Wii.

The “All About the “Wii”” page is still being worked on, but the “Wii Games” page has a good start start, has basic info on 20 some off games and links to more detailed info.

wiiSTYLE is up for SALE [Update] [SOLD]

Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert Town Jr., I am owner and head editor at Eternal Gaming, and I am now the proud owner of this blog. Before any of you get scared, I will be keeping this blog open and updated.

There will be changes as time goes and this site will be put under the Eternal™ Brand of gaming websites, which will mean the added experience and workforce of the Eternal Gaming Team.

We will also be revamping the design and hopefully making everything a better experience for everyone.

Anyway I look forward to working with and having fun with the members of this community. Things will be changing for the better, you have not been abandoned.

Thank you,
Robert aka Godboko

New Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trailer

Oh Yeeeeehhhhh! Just watch!

Absolutely awesome. I cannot wait for tis game.

Exclusive Sims game heading to Wii

EA have announced some new plans for the next generaton consoles, and of course, why would Wii not be in there. A new Sims game should suit the Wii contoller perfectly, depending on whether EA utilise this properly or not.

“There is a Sims title that is being specifically developed for the Wii platform.” EA Rep

Looks like Wii has got a good thing going. I’ve always liked Sims, so bring it on.

Fox is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Well, I can’t say I’m exactly pleased by this, because I always knew that he would be in it. I want to hear of some new characters in it. Here’s the scannie;


Well, woo for you Fox fans. But what about us Roy fans. Come on Roy!

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess is PEGI rated 12+


When I first heard about this game, I thought it would be 7+ without a doubt. Looks like I was wrong. Is Nintendo trying to shake off their kiddy image? Looks so!